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How does the Lunar effect work?

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The Lunar Effect reduces (never increases) the intensities for all LED colors configured in the auto mode schedule. The Lunar Effect will have no visible effect if the light is not in auto mode or if the auto mode schedule is set to 0% during the time Lunar is enabled. The Lunar Effect provides continuous scaling calculated by the current time and the current phase of the moon. 

Lunar Intensity Example 

Suppose you have enabled the Lunar Effect between 8PM and 8AM. Also, you have created a schedule that has a constant intensity of 7% Blue between the hours of 8PM and 8AM. The Lunar effect will scale the Blue intensity based on the current moon phase. The effective intensity at the various moon phases will then be: 

New Moon                 0%

Waxing Crescent         1.75%

Waxing Quarter          3.5%

Waxing Gibbous          5.25%

Full Moon               7%

Waning Gibbous          5.25%

Waning Quarter          3.5%

Waning Crescent         1.75%

New Moon                0%

Important Notes:
- A new moon lasts for a day or two, so the intensity will be 0% for a few days of the month.
- The date and time must be correct the the lunar calculation to be accurate.

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